3 Healthy Food Options In Northglenn

healthy food display


Whether you are trying to be more health-conscious or want to eat fewer animal products, you can find lots of plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian options near the Haven 124 apartment community in Northglenn.

Here are three spots you don’t want to miss for healthy food options in Northglenn:

Natural Grocers  (11465 Washington Street)

If you’re looking for natural, organic, and specialty products, Natural Grocers is a must. Natural Grocers is a community health and grocery store with a wide range of high-quality and organic produce, bulk foods, vitamins, and eco-friendly products. They also host monthly events like healthy living seminars and food tasting events.

Saigon Basil  (10665 Melody Drive)

Saigon Basil is a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant with many fresh and healthy options. They have a whole menu section with vegetarian and vegan dishes like fresh spring rolls, tofu dishes, and vegetable stir-frys. Just make sure to request no fish sauce in your dishes. Their special daily lunch menu also has a section for vegetable-only dishes.

Tasty Garden (420 East 120th Avenue B-5)

For those looking for healthier and cholesterol-free versions of Chinese favorites like Kung Pao beef or sesame chicken, Tasty Garden offers a large variety of vegetarian and vegan options. They have a complete menu section of dishes made with soy protein tofu. If you’re not a fan of meat substitutes, they also have a vegetable dish section with options like veggie fried rice and broccoli with garlic sauce. You can order all of these dishes online as well.

The Haven 124 apartment community is a perfect location to jump into healthy living, as there are great options nearby! For more information, contact us today.

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