3 Places To Practice Yoga Near Haven 124

Maybe you have been practicing yoga for a while, or perhaps you have always wanted to try. Either way, there are many classes conveniently located near the Haven 124 Apartment Community. So no matter your age, fitness level, or experience, you are sure to find the perfect class. Here are just a few studios and what they offer.

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga offers a dynamic way to get fit and enjoy all the benefits of yoga. If you are new to yoga, the studio offers beginner-friendly classes where an instructor will walk you through the basics of the practice and poses. More advanced yogis can take their practice up a notch, learn more challenging poses, and push the edge with sweat-inducing yoga sequences.

Bella Yoga

Yoga is a great way to de-stress, and treat the body to a relaxing experience. Bella Yoga has created a sanctuary where you can do just that. Yogis of all levels will enjoy the blissful experience of restorative yoga, a practice where you will hold poses for an extended period of time to allow the body to rest and restore. Gentle yoga is the perfect class to either begin a yoga practice or introduce meditation and breath work into an existing one.

Maitri Yoga

Maitri Yoga offers two locations with conveniently scheduled classes for yogis of all ages. The studio offers classes that cater to the beginner, as well as the advanced yogi. Little ones can join in too, with parent and child yoga classes. The studio seeks to create a sense of community and often hosts events designed to bring people together. Everyone is encouraged to attend free community yoga classes, and music events, among many other workshops and offerings.

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