Explore the Exhibits at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

dinosaur fossils in museum

It was in 1868 when Edwin Carter moved into a small cabin in Breckenridge so he could study the birds and mammals of the Rocky Mountains.

At that time, he assembled one of the most complete collections of Colorado fauna in existence.

Word of his collection spread, and in the late 1890s, a group of prominent Denver citizens offered to buy it to put on display for all to see.

The same group also obtained an incredible collection of butterflies and moths as well as crystallized gold, and together, these collections formed the center of what would become the Colorado Museum of Natural History.

By its fiftieth anniversary, the museum had welcomed more than one million visitors and had a new name: the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

There is much to see, and exhibits include:

North American Indian Cultures

This exhibit is where guests can explore the diversity among Native American tribes as they travel through the various regions. Along the way, they see displays and artifacts such as an Eskimo snow house and beautifully crafted pottery and weavings just to name a few.

Gems & Minerals

Colorado was founded on mining, and Gems & Minerals features the Sweet Home Mine where visitors can see a six-foot wall of blood-red rhodochrosite crystals. This exhibit also includes California watermelon tourmaline, Australian opals, and an eight-pound nugget of crystallized gold found in Breckenridge in 1897.

Prehistoric Journey

Here guests can travel through time starting 3.5 billion years ago. Along the way, they’ll watch dinosaurs battle, wander through prehistoric habitats to examine ancient plants, and experience the warming and cooling of the Earth’s climate.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is just one of the many cultural attractions that you can enjoy if you call our apartments in Northglenn, CO home. Please contact us to arrange a tour.

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