See Lions, Leopards, Lemurs, and More at the Denver Zoo

a lion in a zoo

An easy drive from Haven 124 is a destination that’s a leader in animal care and visitor experience.

We’re talking about the Denver Zoo, and believe it or not, it began with a black bear cub that was a gift to the city’s mayor.

When Bear Mountain opened in 1918, the zoo became the first institution in the United States to benefit from Carl Hagenbeck’s zoo concept that allowed visitors to see animals in their natural habitats without bars or fences.

Today this exhibit is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the zoo offers much more to see such as:

Predator Ridge 

This award-winning exhibit transports visitors to the rock croppings and native plains of Africa.  It features rotational yards where animals such as hyenas, African lions, and African wild dogs roam.

Lorikeet Adventure

Lorikeet Adventure is where visitors can get up close with colorful parrots from Australia and South America. To enhance your experience, feed the birds from a cup of nectar when they land on your arm or shoulder.

Primate Panorama 

Primate Panorama is a seven-acre habitat where monkeys play on twisting vines and drink from streams while orangutans climb ropes and lounge in hammocks. It’s one of the world’s most expansive great ape habitats and is where red river hogs, aye-ayes, and mandrills also spend their days.

If you would like to call our apartments in Northglenn, CO home, please contact us to schedule a tour. In addition to the zoo, we are also near museums and other fun attractions.

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